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Using Home Beer Making Kits

Beer brewing and consumption has been very prevalent through history, dating back to the time that ancient Egyptian and Sumerian cultures thrived.

Beer recipes have even been recovered from Sumerian writings.

Ancient Chinese history also shows references to beer many thousands of years ago.

Jump to the Middle Ages, when beer was quite popular and even made by monks. Surprisingly enough, they were master when it came to brewing beer. This could be why the monastery population flourished so during that time. Even King Charlemagne supposedly had his own brewery that he enjoyed from often. And in American history, Benjamin Franklin was an avid drinker and also rumored to have made his own.

Why Use A Home Beer Making Kit?

It is reasonable to assume that home beer making kits were not around when the Holy Roman Empire was being formed. Most people did not possess the basic reading and writing skills to read recipes and make their own ale. Although the beer back then was nothing like the Budweiser and Sam Adams you can enjoy today. Hops, the plant that gives beer its bitter taste was not introduced until well into the sixteenth century.

Those who have purchased a home beer kit for making their own special brew can also see the benefits of hops during the carbonation process. Hops are also good for “sanitizing” the beer; it reacts with the yeast in the beer to help kill off any harmful bacteria. You may want to hold off adding a can of Coors to the first aid kit; this occurs during the carbonation process and before the beer is opened.

The other important thing for the success of using your home beer making kit is to following instructions carefully. It is fun to add different flavors and mix up recipes, and that is encouraged. But the basic ingredients of water, starch, yeast, and hops should be adhered to whatever the directions call for. It is also important to allow your brew time to age and carbonate if you want to experience the taste to its fullest.

How do you decide which home beer making kit is the best? It would be a good idea to compare different product lines and even see if you can find consumer reports on the subject of home beer making kits. The machine itself may not be as important as what you do with it. Make sure all of your equipment is thoroughly sanitized at all times, especially when it is being used. When not in use, cover and store in a clean area. Using a Home Beer Brewing Kit makes brewing your own home brew quicker, easier ,safer and a lot more enjoyable.


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