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Microbrew Home Beer Brewing Kit’s:

A Great Alternative to Commercially Produced Beer

Your taste for beer can be very personal. Have you ever had the thought, there must be an alternative to all the commercial made beer. You’re a real lover of beer but you can’t quite find exactly what you are looking.

Tired Of Commercially Made Beer?

Maybe you’re tired of drinking beer from large factories. Made in those huge copper containers manned by white coated employees turning out beer for which you end up paying more than you wish to pay. What’s the answer? That’s simple. You should think about purchasing a home beer brewing kit and start brewing your own beer at home which will help to save money while experiencing the pleasure of drinking beer that (when made properly) will taste the way that you want it to taste. You can buy your own coffee beans, roast and grind and make your own coffee right. Then why not your own beer.

A Small Starter Kit Make Two Gallons or More of Home Brew

With Microbrew home beer brewing kits you will find that you can make as much as two gallons of beer that should cost you a mere ten to sixteen dollars or so. With the typical home Microbrew home beer brewing kit you will find that it comes with a Brew Keg as well as hops and malts and some “Boosters” as well that are “the additives that help ferment and add the alcohol”. It will also include the plastic caps for the Brew Keg that can be used over and over again is included the instructions.

You make a multiplicity of beers using your Microbrew home beer brewing kit including Pilsners, Stout, Lagers, Light beers as well as ales that are fruit based. Using the home beer brewing kit properly requires discipline and once you have combined all of the ingredients and closed the key and started brewing there is no room for peeking, by opening the keg and looking in. Nope none of that. You must wait until the whole process has finished. You must learn to trust in the microbrew kit instructions and not deviate from the set path and you should certainly not rush the process at all.

If you like some variety, you can try out the Home Microbrew Kit for Root Beer as well as the one for Birch Beer. There are many different types of home beer brewing kits available to suit your budget, level of experience. Also there are those that can be given as gifts and contains the complete set of tools for brewing beer at home.

Besides saving money, home beer brewing kits allows you to actually brew the beer that tastes just the way you want it and with some improvisation, it allows you to develop a personal style as well as flavor that just cannot be mass produced.


All said and done, home beer brewing kits allow you to gain added satisfaction in your glass of beer that just cannot be found in the average commercially brewed beer. See Our Home Brew Ingredients Page


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